LIVE in Tokyo 2021 – ‘Sudden Fictions’ Release Party

New Album ‘Sudden Fictions’ out now
Limited Edition White Vinyl+Exclusives
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BO NINGEN 1st Album Rebuilt OUT NOW 
available in vinyl for the first time. Whole album re-mixed / re-mastered + additional remixes from MERZBOW and ENA


Limited edition ruby red double vinyl + New Artwork

Back artwork with old drawings and other imagery used for merch etc when the album first came out in 2010






12 years ago at Arima hot spring changing room


‘Sudden Fictions’ Japanese Edition with bonus tracks – remixes from Foodman, ENA and Danalogue (The Comet Is Coming) coming out on 20th JAN 2021




Band Photography by Yusuke Yamatani

Stone Photography by Tyler Kurihara

Graphics by Kohhei Matsuda