17 NOV – Words To The Blind – Collaborative Album with Savages

* * * * *

We are extremely happy to announce this news !

Hope everyone feels so too.

We, Bo Ningen and Savages, did this unusual gig based on Dadaist idea of ‘Simultaneous Sonic Poem’,

and this was recorded, then mixed, and mastered.

Gemma wrote a great text about the concept behind (it’s on the end of this article).

(and you can find more detailed text about the release here (pitchfork))

It’s somewhere between 8-piece band and 2 bands play together. It’s marble, new state of the existence.

Every single one from Savages are amazing musician I found, and hope we are too.

It was sort of easy in that way.

One of the most joyful moment of the life is when you find you can actually communicate without any verbal action.

Oh and we are performing this piece again in November. London and Utrecht.

Sure it’ll be extraordinary experience. The essence of music lies in ‘here/now (then)’.

11-19 London, England – The Oval Space
11-21 Utrecht, Netherlands – Le Guess Who Festival


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“Zurich in 1916 and Hugo Ball is instrumental in creating the Cabaret Voltaire – a

club which will become central to the performances of the Dada movement, during

which the artists would experiment with forms of sound poetry and simultaneous

poetry. A movement created through the horror of World War One, it attempts

to understand how society has reached such an illogical decision. Through

simultaneous poetry begins the attempt to delve into chaos and maelstrom, to find the

voice of the individual struggling to be heard.

London in 2012 and Savages are recording the debut album ‘Silence Yourself’,

in a secluded studio in the North West of the city. In the middle of an intense three

weeks, we set out one evening to see the band Bo Ningen play at Cafe Oto. A few

days later producer Johnny Hostile begins to muse over the possibility of two bands

playing in the same space at the same time. Concurrently I am reading about the

performances at the Cabaret Voltaire. We decide to approach Bo Ningen with the

idea of collaborating on a ‘Sonic Simultaneous Poem’.

As the idea begins to take shape in early 2013, we prepare for both bands to

rehearse together in a studio with a loose composition based around five chapters.

As the musicians of both bands consider how to apply themselves with their

instruments to each chapter – revolving, colliding and intertwining with words sang in

Japanese, French and English by Taigen and Jehn – we also envisage the physical

space in which to perform.

We imagine a stage in a large u-shape to contain as much of the audience as

possible in the centre. The two drummers next to each other at the ‘bottom’ of the u,

then leading around symmetrically (facing each other): guitarists, bassists and singers

at the tips of the u-shape. Bo Ningen have a guitar extra, so we hang one from the

ceiling to hit as you would a gong. Eventually we fix a date and a space for what we

believe is a one-off performance that we name WORDS TO THE BLIND.”