Countdown JP (vote us for most up-coming band! please!)

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Hello people, here we are nominated as the most up-coming band in Japanese global radio.

Please help us building up something good in our very home country!

(of course you can vote for other bands IF you like them more..)

Check the link below, after JP translation..

今晩は皆さん、このたび、我らBO NINGEN(来日カウントダウン中。後数日。)が

東京FM、Countdown JPで”期待のアーティスト”にノミネートされました。



(vote here!)


It’s in the middle block where you see our album artwork for JP release.

Below that there is numbers to show who’s gaining how much percent.

Below that (black button) is a voting button.

Press the orange button below, and you can listen to the track (youtube link).

* * * * *

We are winning at the moment, but who knows..






this is amazing (recent discovery!)