Line The Wall (UK)

Second full album from Stolen Recordings.

Recorded/Mixed at Lynchmob Studio by Funky Nacho

Mastered at Metropolis Studios by Stuart Hawkes

* * * * *

1. Soko

2. Henkan

3. Daikaaisei Part I

4. Nichijyou

5. Chitei Ningen Mogura

6. 32 Kaiten

7. Ten To Sen

8. Shin Ichi

9. Daikaisei Part II, III

10. Natsu No Nioi

* * * * *

10 beautiful, intense drone pop pieces that crash and burn in a cacophony of percussion and grunge guitars…4 Stars Mojo


Bo Ningen don’t so much play their instruments as batter them, but the sound is glorious.  4.5 STARS THE FLY


With Line The Wall, Bo Ningen have truly found their own voice.



…an intense, dizzying but ultimately rewarding experience. 4 STARS Q

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