More additions to Bo Ningen JP Tour

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あと3週間ほどに迫ってきたBo Ningen日本ツアーへの更なる追加バンドの発表です!

ツアー初日UFO Clubでの下山(GEZAN)との対決公演。はチケット僅少となっております。


We are excited to announce the following bands are added to our JP Tour shows!

and even more to come!

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Lillies and Remains, ZZZ’s are confirmed for Nagoya show on 4th Aug. 8月4日名古屋アポロシアター。

Open Reel Ensemble added to Kyoto show on 6th Aug. 8月6日京都メトロ。

YOLZ IN THE SKY, Day and Buffalo, Gypsy Paradox are now playing Tokyo show on 11th Aug. 8月11日代官山Unit

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